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Workshop Saint Louis Shag mit Gasttrainern Marta & Alexey (Polen)

Drop-In-Kurs für Shag Tanzende mit Grundkenntnissen

Collegiate Shag
Swingin' Pool Cologne e.V. Mitglieder: 10 € | Gäste: 15 €
Tor 28 (Raum Baobab), 30.03.2023 19:00 Uhr21:15 Uhr, 19-20 Uhr, 20.15-21.15

Saint Louis Shag 

Zweistündiger Workshop Special für Shag Tanzende mit Grundkenntnissen.
St. Louis Shag ist ein Up-Tempo-Swingtanz, der Mitte der 1930er Jahre in St. Louis, Missouri, entstanden ist.
Anstelle der Shag-Regelkurse im Tor 28

Der Workshop der Gasttrainer findet in englischer Sprache statt.
Drop-in Kurs ohne vorherige Anmeldung.

Internationale Gastrainer im Swingin' Pool Cologne:
Marta & Alexey (Polen)

Marta und Alexey aus Polen sind am Wochenende März/April bei uns zu Gast und reisen bereits am Donnerstag an, um unsere Collegiate-Shag-Szene durch einen Workshop „Saint Louis Shag“ zu bereichern. Grundlagen des Shag Tanzens werden vorausgesetzt. Weitere Informationen zu den Trainern aus Polen findet ihr unter der Workshop-Beschreibung mit dem Titel „Lindy Hop Intensiv Workshop Wochenende“.

Der Hauptschritt ist ein achter Grundschritt, der Seite an Seite getanzt wird und durch rhythmische Variationen wie Kicks, Stomps, Cross-Overs, Quick Steps und Brush-Steps ergänzt wird. Geübte Partner wechseln die Positionen von Seite an Seite zu offenen, Hand-zu-Hand-, Rücken-zu-Rücken- und Rücken-zu-Vorder-Rücken-Positionen und lösen sich auch voneinander. Historisch gesehen war der St. Louis Shag kein eigenständiger Tanz, sondern ein Element des umfassenderen Lindy Hop- oder Jitterbug-Stils, der Swingouts und Akrobatik beinhaltet.

----- englisch Version ------

St. Louis Shag is an up-tempo partnered swing dance that emerged in St. Louis, Missouri during the mid-1930s.

The primary step is an eight-count basic done side-by-side, which is augmented by rhythmic variations using kicks, stomps, cross-overs, quick steps, and brush-steps. Skilled partners will change positions from side-by-side to open, hand-to-hand, back-to-back, and front-to-back positions, as well as break away from one another. Historically, St. Louis Shag was not a stand-alone dance, but an element of the wider Lindy Hop or jitterbug styles featuring swingouts and acrobatics.


Wir möchten sicherstellen, dass wir euch einen sicheren Tanzspaß bieten können. Deshalb möchten wir euch auf die folgenden Dinge hinweisen bzw. um eure Unterstützung bitten:

Marta und Alexey Saint Louis Shag im Verein Swingin Pool Cologne e.V.

Marta und Alexey doppelstündiger Saint Louis Shag Workshop am 30.3.23

Marta's Description

Marta took her first steps in dancing at the age of 6. The choice fell on Hip Hop. It wasn't long before sequins and Ballroom Dance competitions took over her life. It's a fact that many years of experience and work in the atmosphere of Latin rhythms and elegance of Standard are a strong core of Marta's dance development. 

Something was missing after all - an element of improvisation!

Since 2018, Lindy Hop, a space filled with inspiring music, freedom of movement, and plain fun, is her most important source of energy. Thanks to unique people and the magical atmosphere of dancing together, the journey with Lindy Hop may never end for her. She tries to share her inexhaustible energy, passion, and knowledge during classes, workshops, and social dances. 

Alexey's Description

Alexey Kazennov is an incredibly talented and inspiring swing dancer who is currently staying in Poland. He started dancing in 2013, with extraordinary enthusiasm, going to every single party. In 2015, he began teaching, practicing and traveling all over the world, making dancing his profession. Since then, he has won a high number of competition titles (ILHC, Savoy Cup, The Snowball, Lindy Shock, Rock That Swing, and a long etcetera!). He loves to challenge and push himself constantly to improve. Lindy hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues, Balboa and St. Louis Shag… He can dance it all!  Alexey is well-known for his personal style as a dancer, his big smile and most of all for his high energy on the dance floor. You will probably see him until the party ends, don't miss his "survivor's picture"! His purpose as a teacher is to inspire people to find their own style. 

Poland, where he teaches in ShimSham - Warszawski Swing and Retro Dance Studio in Poznań, became his second home. Before, he had an opportunity to work for a few years with dancers from Istanbul.

Do you believe that someone can dance for 24 hours non-stop?

Yes, this is Alexey!

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