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Balboa Cologne 2019

with Lauren Smith and Peter Flahiff & Johanna Balz and Sergio Nieto Sobrino

25.10.2019 – 27.10.2019
Es gibt nur noch wenige Plätze
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Welcome to another edition of the Balboa Cologne Weekend! Save your spot now!

How to register?

Read the level - description carefully und choose the level that applies to you and register. During the registration we ask you a couple of questions about your dance-experience. It helps us to get an idea about the average dance experience in the groups. If we have any questions, we might get back to you to clarify them. Please notice that we cannot put you in any higher level if you miss to answer our questionary.


Level 1:

You took your first Balboa steps at least a year ago. You visit classes regularly since the beginning and (Balboa) social dances as well. You might even have been to the first workshops outside your homebase to broaden your horizon. You know the steps of the basic moves like the Basic Uphold/ Downhold, Lollies, Throwout, Out 'n' Ins and know what Adlibs are. But you still have to think and concentrate about the steps sometimes and work on the flow.
You are interested in getting to know more ways to move around the floor, new moves and improve the communication with your dance-partner. Variations of the basics, new footwork are what you are interested in.

Level 2:

You've been dancing for a long while, catching all the lessons and socials available, and attended already several international workshops. You've got the feeling like there is a proper communication going on in your dances. You know the basic moves by heart and don't have to think about them anymore. You love to dance to fast tempos. And you eventually managed to be able to listen to the music, as well and adjust your movements to it. Now you would like to work on more complex moves, rhythm variations, but just as well on the flow and quality of your own movements to dive into the deepest cracks of the Balboaworld.

Level 3 (invited level):

You have been dancing Balboa all your life - at least, it feels like it. You have been through the "New Moves" - Phase, gained experience in rhythm-changes, learned lots of variations, started to get into the flow and feel that it is wonderful when you are actually able to dance with the music, not just performing steps to the music. And you how to dance with your dance partner in a “Balboa-oneness”. Now you want to go back to basics. Want to explore new changes in known moves - how can I slow down, speed up, change patterns. You want to improve your own quality of movement, are keen on your dance-partners feedback and you probably have been thinking a lot about Balboa already as you have been teaching the dance in your home scene.

How to attend Level 3:

One way to join this group is an invitation written by us.

The alternative: Register for Level 2, stating that you would like to dance in Level 3. If you are not satisfied with the level we you put in, you will have the chance to attend the audition for level 3 on first day of the classes.


Workshop pass (6 h of classes incl. all parties): Swingin' Pool Cologne e.V. members - 125 Euro, guests - 140 Euro

Party pass: Swingin' Pool Cologne e.V. members - 45 Euro, guests - 50 Euro


Friday Party - Live Band: Blue SwingSteam, DJane: BalCat (W'tal), Time: 21.00 o'clock, Location: Quäker Nachbarschaftheim, Kreutzerstraße 5-9, 50672 Köln, Tickets at the door: 25 Euro


Saturday Party - Live Band: Bernd Lier Swing Ensemble, DJ: Pepperstep (W'tal), Time: 20.00 o'clock (Taster), 21.00 o'clock (Party), Location: Quäker Nachbarschaftheim, Kreutzerstraße 5-9, 50672 Köln, Tickets at the door: 25 Euro


Sonic goes Savoy (an event of the Sonic Ballroom / Sunday Farewell Party) - DJanes: Miss Tillie (Berlin), DJ Texas Timmy (Bochum), Time: 19.00 o'clock, Location: Sonic Ballroom, Oskar-Jäger-Straße 190, 50825 Köln, free entrance



The classes will take place in the Quäker Nachbarschaftheim, Kreutzerstraße 5-9, 50672 Köln and AWO Köln, Venloer Wall 15, 50672 Köln

Lauren Smith, Balboa, Balboa Cologne, Cologne Balboa WeekendPeter Flahiff, Balboa, Balboa Cologne, Cologne Balboa Weekend

Lauren Smith and Peter Flahiff

Peter & Lauren are two dynamic instructors with over thirty years of teaching experience between them. Based in Southern California, they are highly in-demand, sharing their passion for the great classic dances of the Swing Era. Their classes and workshops are noted for their clarity, humor and high spirits!

Lauren Smith has been dancing throughout her life, and started swing dancing in 2007, when a friend brought her to LA’s Lindy Groove. After that, she could be found dancing almost every night of the week, competing regularly, and teaching throughout the LA area. She specializes in jazz era dances, including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, and Slow Drag and has won and placed in a number of national dance competitions.

Peter Flahiff began swing dancing in 1993 and started teaching just one year later. He’s taught across the United States and around the world.

Johanna Balz, Balboa, Balboa Cologne, Cologne Balboa WeekendSergio Nieto Sobrino, Balboa, Balboa Cologne, Cologne Balboa Weekend

Johanna Balz and Sergio Nieto Sobrino

Johanna discovered her love for dancing in her teenage years and since then has expanded her dance background with various dance styles including jazz dance, ballet and tap dance (hence her preference for fast rhythms…). When she moved to Berlin she finally discovered swing dance and hasn’t been able to hold her feet still since then.

Johanna has been teaching regularly in her home scene and internationally for several years and is looking forward to sharing her passion for social dance at Balboa Cologne


Sergio comes originally from Madrid and made his first dance steps in Berlin. He was quickly infected with the Balboa virus and since then he has traveled around the world for developing his dance at international workshops. He has been teaching in Hamburg for the New Swing Generation association since 2016 and progressively beyond Hamburg's city limits. He is known for his deep understanding of the technique of Balboa and the joy of sharing his enthusiasm with others.


Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Shag, Swing, Swing Dance, 20ies, Retro, Vintage, Dance, Köln, Cologne, Swingin Pool,Blue SwingSteam, Hot Club de Cologne, Slow Lindy, Slow Balboa, Slow Bal, Balboa Cologne 2019

Blue SwingSteam (Friday Party)

  • Hardo Kritz (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Christian Saettele (Clarinet)
  • Peter Kowal (Guitar)
  • Stefan Rey (Bass)

The four musicians of Blue SwingSteam let the Swing of the 30s and 40s in the style of Django Reinhardt revive. Both classic and lesser-known pearls of the Swing era are presented with much enthusiasm. Swinging rhythms, stirring solos and atmospheric vocals bring the hall to cook.

Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Shag, Swing, Swing Dance, 20ies, Retro, Vintage, Dance, Köln, Cologne, Swingin Pool, Bernd Lier Ensemble, Slow Lindy, Slow Balboa, Slow Bal, Balboa Cologne 2019

Bernd Lier Swing Ensemble (Saturday Party)

  • Bernd Lier (Clarinet)
  • Thomas Heck (Saxophon)
  • Johannes Zink (Solo guitar)
  • Gregor Salz (Rhythm guitar)
  • Max Schaaf (Double Bass)
  • Jürgen Andrée (Drums)

The Bernd Lier Ensemble has been in existence for 38 years and performs regularly at national and international swing dancing events. Here it is always about the musicians, not about the big stage. You can dance in the summer months every Thursday in the market place to the music. The Bernd Lier Ensemble loves to play dancers for Balboa: "So we don't have to slow down the rhythm at all. We can accelerate and don't have to take the foot off the gas pedal.", they say. So put on your fast feet dancing shoes - cause these guys know how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_4oSmqCeQc

Bild ohne Beschreibung

DJane Bal Cat - Friday party

Let's get the party started with cheerful tunes and a special twist to blasting big band sounds, so all the cats join in!

Bild ohne Beschreibung

DJ Pepperstep - Saturday party

... and now for something fast! Spicy, pulsing Swing from Big Band to Combo, from the 30s 'til now, stirred and served by a music nerd - strictly Balboa!

Bild ohne Beschreibung

DJane Miss Tillie - Farewell party

Miss Tillies mission at the Cologne Balboa festival won’t let your feet stop moving. Come and enjoy her choice of finest quality Swing dance tunes.

Bild ohne Beschreibung

DJ Texas Timmy - Farewell party

This is ground control! Engage your retro rockets and prepare to shuffle! Put on your dancing shoes and make the dance floor glow like the heat shield of your spacecraft on your return to earth!

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